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The Millenium

//Somewhere between St Louis and Indianapolis you’ll find a white Sprinter van barreling down the interstate. There is a mix of sleep deprivation, malnutrition, heat exhaustion, and somehow surprisingly great spirits. Catching grins and positive vibes has been the constant on this tour. A group of friends sharing an experience that can’t be mimicked on social media. The energy sticks to your bones and warms your heart. We aren’t alone in craving honest, intentional connections and The Millenium’s It’s So Much Friendlier With Tour brings together a group of bands that share that same communal goal. Thankful and restless we keep moving, waiting with bated breath for the next nights show. Tonight we will sing and dance and it will elate our human experience.


Tour Dates: themillenium.net/tour

The Millenium | Rest Stop Sessions- Her and Cigarettes

I was riding with indie pop band The Millenium near the border of California when the landscape stretched out into miles of desert. We decided that this looked like the perfect location to do film their first video in a series titled “Rest Stop Sessions”. We exited off the highway, parked at the only gas station in sight, and scouted out a good place to set up. The guys ran through the song a handful of times before I got the camera rolling. 45 minutes later we were back on the road and I spent the next 4 hours in the van editing: The Millenium | Rest Stop Sessions – Her and Cigarettes (Cheap Girls Cover).