The Millenium- Pine Hollow Sessions

Indie pop band The Millenium released their ambitious project titled “Pine Hollow Sessions” on March 4, 2015. They invited me to film/edit the video portion of their project which in only 3 days gained more than 1K views on YouTube.

Below is an excerpt from the band’s tumblr describing the project…

Reaching back into the community, we connected with multiple friends, musicians, businesses, and more from around the area, whom were all extremely gracious and willing to assist us succeed in finalizing this dream. Every single facet of this project was contained locally which was something really cool we had never done before…

  • Our studio of choice was city favorite Pine Hollow Studios ran by the amazing Evan Middlesworth who has worked with and plays in numerous bands from around the area.
  • Album art and exclusive posters were designed by Ambient Inks who has printed shirts for us in the past.
  • Assist in instrumental arrangements were done by Kyle’s (Feather) old roommate who was a composition major at school
  • Additional musicians majors were brought from Eau Claire’s University for auxiliary additions.
  • Project release content and campaign strategy was brainstormed between Kyle and Isaac Risseeuw, who runs the UWEC social accounts
  • Kyle Culver’s dad who runs his own photography company took shots during the recording process.

The project was huge. Not only did we want to put out these songs, but we also felt it was important to combine them with a video release of us performing the tracks consistent with the session style of the project’s name. The songs and the process had become more than just something to hear, but we more so hoped that they would be something that people could feel. Each track had taken on such a feeling of emotion and sheer passion that it almost felt necessary to experience the session thoroughly; we wanted people to be able to be in the room with us while the music was created…

Within two days we had rehearsed, tracked, and filmed the sessions. For only a handful of songs it was some of the most work we had put into a release, and now the time is almost here for us to share with you a side of us that isn’t often seen.

March 4th, we will be officially releasing this project online for your eyes and ears. Here’s what you can expect:

  • The songs will be free. We want to keep up with our previous mantra of releasing music, so all tracks will be available on our bandcamp ( for “pay what you want”, and yes that does include $0.00.
  • It will also be available digitally through all other online platforms. If you still would like to buy the album straight to your library because you love it just that much, you will be able to find it on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc.
  • There will also be a LIMITED press of the CD. We’re talking 100-200 copies of this release will be available max. And then we don’t have any plans to print more for a very very long time. These will be available on our online store, along with select tour dates.
  • A full 20 minute video of the entire session will be simultaneously released. This is a look into the project and has us performing each song as it is, in the studio.

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Official Track listing:

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