Building Blocks


Over the next few months I will be working on writing one or two new songs that I want to release as singles.
To start things off I’ve been brainstorming and writing a bunch of scratch songs.

Whenever I sit down to create something new I get my phone out and hit record. If I create something even remotely close to an idea for a song I’ll make up a name for it and save it.

Some days I come up with some pretty awful ideas, and other days I end up with something I’m excited about. The trick is to keep writing and saving ideas.

After I get a decent collection of ideas I begin pruning them. I’ll go through all the takes and pick out one or two that interest me and see if I can work a little more out of them.

The constant creating and pruning help sift out ideas that don’t always come out all at once. Some songs come together with just a little effort while other songs need more coaxing.

Since I want to release just one or two songs as singles I will probably end up finish writing about 5-10 songs that I think have the potential to do well. To get those 5-10 finished songs I will probably write anywhere between 20-100 scratch ideas that are recorded on my phone!